Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Health Food. But no, seriously...

The Krispy Kreme burger cheese-dip dog heard round the world...

On a serious note, thanks to everyone who came out to my birthday (observed) party. 
My friends are awesome and came bearing gifts and food and liquor and even combinations of those things. You know its good when you look at the camera the next morning and there are pictures confirming things you thought you might have just imagined...like someone hanging upside down from your children's swing set or photos of the long-winded speech you made before blowing your candles out. 

I have the best family and friends. Thanks for all the well wishes and to everyone who has made the 35 year mark celebration marathon the glory that it was. 
Much love.


  1. Congrads Brother! 35... I wish I could remember 35! I'm sure it was great, I need to ask my wife. I got to try that Combination your holding this weekend.
    Enjoy these times with Family & Friends, They seem to go away All too Fast!


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