Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Sauce of the Week

Mojo Kreole Hate Fuel Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce-I was worried about this one. Ghost pepper is serious business so when I went for the standalone taste test, I was very conservative. Despite this, the sauce's assault was quick and direct and I was glad I was careful. That said, the flavor was excellent, in fact among the best of the seriously hot sauces I've sampled. Once you cut it with food, it is a little more forgiving and again, it is thoroughly enjoyable and flavorful as long as you take it easyand respect what you are dealing with.

This one was a gift from my buddy Davis along with a killer 8-bit Avengers shirt. Thanks buddy, you and Christy are aces.

And speaking of shirts, got them from the printer yesterday and they have all been mailed out. Just fyi, they printed the wrong design and had to reprint them...but their loss is your gain so you get both designs. Two for the price of one baby! Thanks for the support, means a ton. Hope you like your new threads.


  1. Sweet Deal! Looking foreword to getting them...
    This works out good on both ends.

  2. Excellente! Congrats on reaching another birthday-my niece shares Ruby's b-day (July 5) +5. See ya soon!

  3. Thank you both for your support!


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