Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birthday Stuffs

So I had a Birthday this week. It was pretty awesome and I got some killer gear for a certain upcoming road trip. In addition to all the single serving bathroom stuff, I scored a Black Diamond Equipment Orbit Lantern, an ultra-compact and light lantern that still packs a punch. I've been wanting one of these for a while after seeing them in Show Class. Glad I finally scored one. 

I also got a set of Fuze Custom Molded Earphones. Well...I got the kit to make them. Basically, its a set of their phones, a small carrying case and the putty to make your own molds. I shudder at the thought of screwing up the process and having a pair of awesome but ill-fitting buds but it did include a practice putty so hopefully it won't be too hard after the first attempt.

I have have a pretty awesome family and set of friends. Thanks for all the well wishes and gifts, means a ton.  


  1. I say you did Damn Good!It's even better when you get something YOU really Wanted. Hope it was spent with Family & Friends... I know how Life keeps us all Too Busy!
    Enjoy Brother!

  2. Yeah man, I did real good.
    This birthday celebration has been kind of like the Energizer bunny...and I'm not complaining.


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