Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So this is a shot of some fresh cardboard I laid down after finishing the Duo Seal Super Nut and Clutch Tamer install. It took one whole trip around the block to realize that the nut was a failure at stopping my leak. I guess I'm going to have to go a little deeper to get the drips to stop or just say the Hell with it and move to 140 weight. The brakes are also still spongy and I could use new lines or even just a whole new rear setup. The Sportster needs a new rear tire so I will have to shift attention again. Its always something but...the bike is back to being rideable so there's that.


  1. Wait until winter then get Ricky Lewis to go through the tranny. It will be in TOP shape after that.

  2. Yeah, that might just have to happen.
    I'll just have to plant that money tree and that way I can just take care of the tranny, brakes, paint, etc.

  3. I agree with Jeff. Better to do it once, then keep fighting it. I learned that lesson the hard way on my IH.

  4. this is the fix:
    if its coming from your drive shaft
    its the spacer with two seals and it def works

  5. Ian-I know I am polishing brass on the Titanic with this tranny (or maybe I should say the Valdez) but I wanted to try all I could before getting professional help. I guess at this point, it is inevitable.

    Arcadian-yes, I've had my eye on that for some time. When the rebuild is done, that will be included.


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