Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gear-Wants, shout outs, Mailbag, etc.

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So the Lady Hump Blogosphere Challenge has come to an end. Big props and congrats to Kustom Jeff for continuing to kick-ass with his photography and coverage of all things motorcycle in the Birmingham area. Jeff is as solid a dude as they come and totally deserving of the crown (or whatever crazy prizes Allen will be pulling from the schwag stash).

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Black Diamond Orbit Lantern
Saw this in Show Class, looks like a smaller better made version of the Coleman Lantern I already have. A good basic light source when you want to wash an area, not just have a focused beam. 

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Photo from Hugh's HandBuilt
There are a couple options here, the Oregon Bedroll and the Don Wood bedroll. I am plenty happy with my sleeping bag but I have heard these things are beyond awesome and I would like to have the option. If you have either of these, let me know what you think.

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Magic Tarpit
The bastard offspring of a tarp and a space blanket, this thing does it all. Grommets to make a shelter or cover your bike, a hood and pockets to stay warm, etc etc. As cheap as they are, it is a wonder I haven't ordered one of these yet. See it and a bunch of other cool gear at

This is the last in my series of gear posts, I think I have about covered all of my stuff. If you find yourself hungry for more, dash over to Iron Vaquero, this month he is going to cover his road and camping gear.

Show Class #5. This one reeks of Birmingham: Moon's bike and Americana Speed Shop leather. 

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Flyrite Neverust Fender Strut
Like the one on the bike above, I am looking for one of these. If you have one you are looking to unload, or know someone who does, please give me a shout.


  1. Thanks for the praise! Another B'ham connection in Show Class#5 is that at least 5 of the pictures in the Bastard Bash article are mine as well ;-) We just crawled all over this issue ;-)

  2. The Oregon bedroll looks sweet! The bedroll gave me an idea...Thanks for the plug!


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