Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saturday continued...

So Brandon is back in town and came to claim one of his trio of bikes from the garage. He isn't wasting any time getting back on the road and the CB he is taking needed a little carb work. It was leaking before he left and stopping that was the goal. It didn't quite happen before leaving here but before the end of the night, it was drip free.
Nick and Nick discussing something Shovel related.
The CB also got a new battery, some electrical work, a new clutch lever and clean gas. My Sportster got a new rear tire but as all four of us had a hand (or foot) on the tire at some point, there are no pictures. All in all is was a good, full day in the garage and Brandon's bike left under its own power before sundown. Safe travels, little CB. Hope you enjoyed your stay. 


  1. Trouble heads are the devil!!! I blew a head gasket on the way to work this morning. Of course I was taching about 6k in third gear and running 70mph through a one lane construction zone, so it's no wonder it failed. Looks like I'm riding a late model bagger OK!

  2. The bagger ended up doing well and as we discussed, the slab would have been hard on Caroline.
    Less one shift linkage, great bike.


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