Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home Again

     Got back this weekend from Iron Vaquero's "Oklahoma is OK" road trip. Man, Chris did an excellent job putting this thing together with awesome stops along the way and well planned accommodations. Things could not have been better. I kept a ride journal every day and took a ton of pictures and I'll be sharing the entries starting a week from today. 
     There couldn't have been a better group of guys to hit the road with. Chris, Wyatt, Wes and Ken were all stellar to ride and hang with. I would gladly hit the road with them anytime. Seriously, if we don't get out and ride together again, it would just be a damn shame. Spending 9 days on the road together...when you split up, it leaves a hole. That said, I am looking forward to reliving the trip through photos and words, mine and theirs. Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like one great trip! And this is a great Pic, Is that a Buff in the background? Cool...

  2. JT-Glad you had an excellent time and I agree with you 100% 'bout the folks we rode with and our little adventures! Looking forward to seeing the posts and riding with ya'll again! Adios!

  3. Paul-yep, that is a buffalo in the background. Crazy stuff. Just don't listen if the rangers tell you it is audio-anamatronic and you can ride it.

    Chris-thanks again for the invite. Seriously...awesome job on the planning and prep.

  4. I'm in total agreement on all counts!! We absolutely must do this again!!

  5. Yep, already been thinking about destinations.


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