Thursday, August 8, 2013


photo courtesy of Wes from Junk With Wheels
On the Oklahoma is OK ride, I kept a running list of laughs along the way. Even though these are inside, I'm sharing despite the fact that only 5 people in this world will get it. Of course, speculation is welcome but I may or may not confirm your accuracy.

Here's the list:
Quiet Wyatt, You don't work here do you,, Well there was this guy name Jesus, Fake Candids, Gladiator fights in Hilton, Disaster the carnivorous buffalo, Grasshopper genocide, Fahts. 

On a totally different note, my friend Soundwave asked me at my birthday kegger if I would be open to doing a Q&A on the blog since there were things he had always been curious to ask me. He thought it would be cool to open it up to everyone and I drunkenly agreed. He's putting it together so if there is anything you've ever wanted to ask yours truly, e-mail him at and once he gets enough questions, I will answer and post the replies here. 


  1. Like I said before... I get that was a Great Ride!

  2. Adjusting to real life again has been rough. It seriously was all killer, no filler.

  3. Bwahahaaa!!!! I'm still laughing! My family thinks I'm crazy, there all like "what are you laughing at?"

  4. Seriously, telling my wife about some of these...I could barely keep from just busting out in hysterics.


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