Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Greasy Shop Rag

     My friend Voy has a blog you should read. It's called The Greasy Shop Rag.
Here is an excerpt from his second post, a great example of why you should follow it:

 Regarding his 1972 Kawasaki Mach III: "I had a lot of bikes come and go but this one stayed around for a few years. I finally traded it for a fast car. Looking back I now see that was a mistake but this blog is about bikes, not stupid crap I did in a car.
 I missed the bike after I traded it and longed for that rush that you get from a multi-cylinder two stroke. I picked up a 500cc version later in life but it just wasn't the same. The bike followed me around for a few moves until I found out a friend needed the engine for parts. I loaded the engine into a small trailer I towed behind my Kawasaki Voyager, hauled it 950 miles to a bike rally, and traded it for dinner. I was on a budget and considered it a fair trade."


  1. awesome. a 950 mile tow traded fer dinner!

  2. Yeah, that is how he rolls.
    He traded me dinner for free stickers!

  3. The point was... I wish I had NEVER Parted with this Bike. I have the same feeling everytime I read a post regarding the 750 Mach III. I had a 74, spent a few dollars tricking it out and loved the rush when you twisted the Wick! But... there was the Birth of our oldest Daughter on the way and you know "The rest of the story".
    But that 950 miles for Dinner? That must have been some spectacular food!!!

  4. Some bikes you always hate that you had to let them go.
    That said, I've had ones I could not wait to get rid of.


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