Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Q&A, Part 3

Rusty Crowe asked :
1) What is your beard maintenance routine? Maintainence? Nothing. Occasionally I'll trim it if it gets on my nerves and I take length off the mustache when it gets in my mouth but other that that...nothing.
2) What was or is your favorite motorcycle road trip? The trip I took out west. It was my first really big bike trip. I learned a lot about motorcycle travel and saw some amazing parts of the country.

Orunda' Bryant asked :
How can you be the best of both worlds, a bad-ass and a softie? You can't have it both ways, you're either one or the other. You can have it both ways. How you act is subjective, based on who you are interacting with. When I was a bouncer, I treated the bar patrons different than I treat my kids. Most people have more than one side. For example, do you really personally choose to wake up each day and put on slacks and a collared shirt? 

Party People asked :
Why do you have a dildo on your workout bench? Ask Jonathan Harris, I got it from him. Seriously though, I think it is a sleeve that lets you put different sizes of weights on.

Russell Harris asked:
  1. 5th Favorite hot sauce? Slap Ya' Mama.
  2. Longest your beard has been? Last time I trimmed it I took 14 inches off so probably 16 inches or so.
  3. How long did that take to grow? Not sure, I don't keep track.
  4. How many 500+ mile days are you good for on a bike? Several. 600 and 700 plus days are where I start to get unhappy.
  5. On a camping trip, if you woke up with a condom hanging out of your ass, would you tell anyone? Yes. (if the answer to 5. is "no") Wanna go camping? No.
  6. What do you do for a living? My main job is being a stay at home dad. I pick up part time work and odd jobs here and there. Before this, I was an insurance adjuster and fraud  investigator but I have done a little of everything. Ask me again once the kids are in school and I have to get a full time job again. 
  7. What is the best way to talk your wife into letting you buy another bike? Buy her things she wants, like an SUV, sewing machine or fancy digital camera.
  8. You going to Barber's this year? Yes...for real this time.
  9. What hot sauce do you recommend that tastes good, but you can feel it move through your body even as you evacuate your bowels? Blair's After Death.
  10. What are your views on Asian ladies? Not my favorite but nothing against them.

    You can check out all of Russell's wit and wisdom at the MHT blog here. 

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