Friday, November 8, 2013

Hot Sauce of the Week

Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauce-I wasn't real big on this one when I tried it by itself and was scared it would be the downfall of an otherwise excellent lunch. Rules are rules though so I sauced it up with reckless abandon and was pleasantly surprised with the result. What was overpowering and off about the flavor to me initially became strong points. The stock ingredients really come together well to make a bar-b-que-ish flavor that is acutely accented with the addition of tamari. There are a lots of other interesting ingredients in the mix and while this isn't one I would consider a go-to, it is well suited for meals where meat is the centerpiece. I had it a second time during the week for such a meal and it was excellent as a sauce for chopped steak.

Product of Michigan, complements of the Mayor over at the MHT blog. Thanks buddy!


  1. No problem. The important thing to consider on all 3 is region. This one hails from Ann Arbor, MI. For those who aren't from or don't know, home of U of M, hippies, and people who's shit apparently doesn't stink.
    I'm glad it was salvageable, but I didn't hold highest hopes for it.

  2. Its good, it just isn't very versatile.
    I like the geographic background though. I am excited to see it on the other two.


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