Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Q&A, Part 8

41. What does JT eat/not eat on his pizza? I'm not picky on this one but I tend to lean towards Hawaiian pizzas pretty heavily. My favorite Hawaiian, and I make it at home a lot, is ham, pineapple, slivered almonds and cinnamon sugar. Beef and banana peppers is a good one too. Plain cheese is good if I am feeling like a five year old or sometimes just pepperoni. When I worked at a pizza joint in college I made a three cheese Slim Jim pizza. It was killer.

42. Where and how did you learn so much about motorcycles? I wouldn't say that I know that much but what I do know I learned by reading books and magazines, the internet and by taking stuff apart and trying to put it back together again. Do that enough times with anything and you will learn something about it.

43. What are 3 Recommendations on friend's blogs, pages, etc? Right now I am really hung up on my friend Voy's blog The Greasy Shop Rag. From the jump he has been all about great stories with awesome photos. Since Instagram has slowed down the blog scene, it is great to see that there are still blogs like this one popping up providing something honest and good to read. Along those same lines, Iron Vaquero comes to mind. Solid writing, great pictures and Chris is just an awesome guy. Junk With Wheels would be number three. Wes is a great photographer. Trust me, his OK is OK trip photos are mind blowing. Dude has skills. I know you only asked for three but I have to say Beast Feast Maine and their hot sauces are off the charts good. If you have ever seen a sauce on this blog but been on the fence about actually ordering it, do not hesitate. You will not be disappointed. Also, if you are local to Alabama and you are not a BamaRides.com member, you are missing out. Great community of riders and people. There are always events and rides going on. Again, if you are local, go sign up.

44. What kind of charity work do you fully support? Anything where real good is actually being done and they aren't judgmental. I won't name any names but I have volunteered for a couple and had pretty bad experiences. One had a complete lack of organization which led to huge wastes of volunteer manpower. The other complained about a lack of volunteers and then refused to let me collect for them as they didn't think I was an appropriate representation of their brand. I prefer to give time over money because I see where it is going but to date, it has not gone well.

45. What's your dream job? Blogger, movie critic, professional motorcycle traveler, beer taster...anything along these lines that I could get paid for would be excellent. 

46. Favorite local bar? I don't do bars much anymore. When I do it is usually something low key like The Ridge Eat and Drink. Great burgers, it is run by a former manager of The Vortex. Go see Saeed and tell him JT sent you.

47. Favorite beer? High Seas Loose Canon is a good go-to and lately I've been drinking a lot of Golden Monkey but this question is impossible to answer. I will say as a former domestic beer drinker who finally saw the light, I am glad to say my answer is no longer Miller Light.

Well, that's all folks. Thanks again to my buddy Soundwave for putting this together, it was fun. And if there is still something else you want to know, drop me a line. I can't promise the answer will make it to the blog but I will respond.


  1. JT-Thank you for the kind words! Ya'll need to move closer! Wes truly is a talented photographer!
    Vaya Con Dios

  2. Me move closer? I think you and Wyatt need to move down south...to a year round riding season. ;)


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