Friday, December 13, 2013

Hot Sauce of the Week

Sidebar real quick...I have the best friends. Seriously. My buddy Soundwave game out to the house the other night with a box full of saucy goodness. Christmas came a bit early for me.
I got a real kick out of this too. Not sure why I never thought about it but maybe a month of Taco Bell's offerings is in order. Seriously though, thanks buddy. You're aces.
Bamanation Original Hot Sauce-let me start by saying I am not a sports fan. It really doesn't do much for me. I was halfway expecting this to be a mediocre sauce whose sole draw was the name and houndstooth branding. I was pleasantly surprised. The dominant flavors at play, vinegar and cayenne, are familiar but the additions to the mix really make this one a standout. The usual suspects are all there: two additional vinegars, two types of pepper, lemon juice, garlic, etc. The artistry here is in the recipe. It pours thick and chunky too, a real pleasure. Though I know some of you would rather be caught dead than have this in your house, I'm glad it found its way into mine.

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