Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Speedo Relocation

The original plan was to cut the factory housing down or even ditch it completely and relocate the idiot lights and just get a generic top clamp. Trouble is, modern bikes use modern electronics like LED lights and printed circuit boards. Separating them would have been a major undertaking. The stock housing idea just was not going to achieve a clean, finished look so I grabbed the above top clamp with integrated light housing from Joker Machine.
The speedo was moved down to the frame with an Auto Meter tach bracket. The loom around the wiring harness had to be split open a bit to stretch to the new location. Again, this is very simple stuff.


  1. JT-Nice work! I hate wires! After this past year's debacle with Ole Girls switch housing/stop button issue, I was ready to shoot myself!

  2. Wiring can be tricky. That is one thing I will say for older bikes...wiring is a breeze!


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