Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rear Fender and Tail Light

I had been running a single turn signal on the fender as a running/brake light and decided it was time for something different. My buddy Voy has a pretty clean LED light on the Rat Turd so I thought I would find out who made them and see what they had.
This single row running/brake combo seemed like it would do the trick so I proceeded to notch the rear fender before painting it. Afterwards, a three wire setup and we were good to go.
That was until a few days before Christmas. Out of nowhere, the brake light wouldn't come on. I took everything back apart examining all of my wiring and it seemed to be in good shape. I removed the light and cut into the wiring to test it directly and it seems that the light assembly itself is the culprit.

After the holidays were over and the company who sold me the light came back to work I was able to get them on the horn. I am sending the unit back in for testing to see what the issue is. They said they will either repair it and send it back or provide a new light. We'll see how that plays out later this week.


  1. I hope they stand behind their product. I like what they have to offer.

  2. It went out today so we'll see.
    I'll keep you posted.


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