Thursday, March 20, 2014


So I've read two really great reviews about this bike in as many weeks. Both commented that it may very well be the best do it all bike on the market: capable dual-sport, equip-able for touring and plenty of power for use as a track day weapon. The downside? At $15k+ it will easily stay in the just another dream category until there is a decent used market. When that happens my Sportster is either going to have to get it together or someone else may be sleeping in its spot in the garage. Either that or I will win the lottery and then we'll all get 1190s on me.


  1. Ride-On! And the Winning Lottery Number are...

  2. Yes. I liked the 990, this is better. Still cheaper than a 1200 GS adventure.

  3. Paul-if I get the numbers, you should buy the tickets.

    Mayor-maybe in a couple years I'll be able to find a cheap used one.

  4. I did a Search All of Craigslist a year ago, and found only 1 used 990 Baja. It was only a few months old & the guy still want 15k for it. I think I've decided to keep my low cost cruiser, but keep my eyes peeled for a deal on a good used XR650, or a XT600.

  5. Pretty sure the next bike I buy will be an 1190.
    When I get to that point I hope cost won't be an issue.


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