Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Above is a before and after shot of my contribution to this past weekend's Inbreds cookout. I was too busy eating, drinking and laughing to shoot any other photos. I think it was a universal phenomenon. Our resident shutterbug Kustom Jeff had his rig with him but didn't shoot anything either. There is something that a southern Saturday afternoon, a back yard and the right group of friends can do to you. I hope everyone is able to enjoy times like these right now, here's to many more!  


  1. Yep, life was good and friends were present. I wanted to live in the moment this time. I'll take more pics later :-P

  2. This is a Regular Weekend Event at my house, Good Eat's, Kid's running around playing, Cold Beer and Great Family Time!

  3. Jeff-I feel you buddy. Living in it is why I didn't get any pics!

    Paul-Sounds awesome, maybe I need to get down there one weekend...


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