Friday, April 25, 2014

Hot Sauce of the Week

Scotty O'Hotty Old No. 2 Premium Habanero Sauce-the ingredient list reads like an all-star roster: tomato, beer, onion, garlic, honey and no less than four peppers. Habanero is the star but it was a little less hot than I had expected which is excellent as the heat doesn't overshadow the flavor. I really enjoyed this sauce, it complements well without being too much. I used it liberally a couple times throughout the week and enjoyed flavor and heat, the mark of an excellent sauce. 0 calories/tsp.
This was sent my way by the guys at MHT. Thanks you sirs!


  1. Thank you for the great review! Check out our site, we also have an award winning "The Ghost Sauce" (extra hott) and our new Beer-Bacon Chipotle Sauce! like us on FB, if you message me I will send you some samples. Stay Hott. ~Scotty


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