Friday, March 8, 2013

Happenings, Hot Sauce and Otherwise

Yep, so I'm a loser and I left you hanging on the HSOW last Friday. For that, I am sorry. That being said, I was on vacation with the wife in Mexico so I didn't lose too much sleep about it...
As a result of that trip I now have no less that 6 imported sauces to add to the hopper. There were plenty to choose from and I hope that did a good job of selecting some solid local flavor and not just some touristy garbage. That said, cold beer was $1 on the street and shots were $2.50 so who knows what I really got. We will return to your regularly scheduled HSOW programming next Friday.

In other news, my homie Nick needs some parts to get his '67 Shovel back where it needs to be. If you have any of this stuff, holler at either of us.

1)James gasket set
2)rear brake shoes
3)rear brake springs
4)one 41mm tube and new seals
5)rear chain
6)clutch cable
8)shift arm

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