Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hitting the Wall

     The weekend started out pretty good. Nick made it to the house, the wife and kids were gone and we proceeded to down the beer and rum and put in some work on the bikes. Both the Shovels were in the house and it was time to get serious.
     We started by bleeding the rear brake on my Shovel. It felt great...for about 5 minutes. Basically, there is a little leak somewhere, probably in the line as you can see a couple sports that are clearly worn, and it will need to be replaced. It still works if you pump it and the front break works fine so...it can wait for a bit.

      The transmission leak and temperamental clutch were next on the list. I suspect the former is aggravating the later but just in case, while installing the Super Nut, I planned on installing a Clutch Tamer as well. We had a couple hiccups, mostly due to a lack of the right tools. The clutch hub was the real spoil sport.
      I inquired with a couple Shovel owners and previous owners that I knew and both said the same thing: run the nut back on, whack it a couple times and it should drop right off. Yeah...not so much. I tried damn near everything and came up with nothing.
     We all three (Nick, the bike and I) lived to fight another day and a clutch puller was on it's way before the next round of beers were consumed. I guess it is one of those things that it won't hurt to have. Begs the questions though...it doesn't have to be easy but does it always have to be hard?


  1. Amen to the hard thing! I've been struggling for two days to mount and balance two tires! one thing after another. I have a puller I made 20 years ago, has the pattern for both three and five lug hubs. works like a charm. Why is your clutch throw out rod not in the main shaft?!? If you are running the late throw out bearing that shouldn't come out. That might be part of your temperamental clutch problem.

  2. Yeah, about that...
    The throw out rod decided to slide out at some point during the banging (scratching head). I've also noticed that that the release lever shaft will pull right out of the transmission top so there are a couple retained clips missing if they were ever there at all. I've come to realize with this transmission that I am just polishing brass on the Titanic and at some point, it is going to have to be rebuilt and regasketed. I have the gasket set, just don't have the means to get it done right now.


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