Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Saturday

Well lets just say this isn't how I wanted to spend it. Nick was in the house to help with a few other issues that needed attention and after, we were going to try and finish the reassembly on the Shovel clutch. I knew that I really needed to give the kicker cover some attention as I knew for certain that the mopar clip was missing from the clutch release lever allowing it to be pulled up out of the top. Again, not an expert but that ain't how its supposed to be.
Lets just say we put together the clutch with the new clutch tamer didn't work. Yeah Wes, you called it: basically during the process of trying to remove the hub by tapping, we managed to knock the guts off the end of the clutch push rod. So...that attention that the kicker cover needed came sooner than I thought.
After draining the tranny and getting the cover off I found all the washers and clips which I will replace. I've got a new gasket already so at least that is easy. I also found out my oil slinger is no bueno and  the stop on my kicker gear was about to break off. This isn't what I wanted to find under the cover and definitely not when I wanted to do it but like I told Nick, much better to find this stuff out in the garage than on the road.  So...more parts are ordered and again we wait.


  1. aahh shovel trouble, it goes around, did I touch you?

  2. The joys of old junk! Wouldn't trade it for anything! ;-P

  3. As I read through this post it make me think of 2 things... The People who say "Tahs why I bought a New Bike! So I don't HAVE to work on it" and then the Real People "I worked on the Shovel this weekend" found a couple of other issues so it's still down for another week or two. We understand what the feeling is to be one with the Bike, know it inside and out... and Truely Enjoy it!!!
    God Luck with the work in progress.

  4. Arcadian-maybe some did run off. I will say though, this is child's play compared to what you've been through.

    Jeff-enjoying every minute. My bank account...not so much.

    Paul-yep, this is truly a departure from the reliable push-button stuff I've ridden. Hopefully when I am done, all this work will save me some headache on the back end.


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