Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tank Art

While Nick's bike was here, I decided his plain old green tank needed a little love. 
We brainstormed for a bit before laying out the panels and then started trying to get all the bases covered. Here, you can see at the top we have the line squiggles and scales. 
Front left we did some freak, or as Nick likes to call them, polka dots. 
Added a desert landscape...
and a space scene.
For flair, we threw a little lettering on the top as well. 
Last but not least, we threw one of our new stickers on there so Nick can keep track of his progress. 
I'm not sure he was as excited about the art as I was. He said something about painting over it but I know he must be joking. 
If he did that, he would totally ruin his chances of selling it online 40 years from now for hundreds and hundreds of dollars...


Lay it out here: