Tuesday, June 4, 2013


     So...I'm getting some t-shirts made. They will be the same design as the sticker, white letters on a black shirt. $10 including shipping to US only. I'm doing them on a pre-order basis through PayPal. If you want one, click the "Add to Cart" button below. I'm giving two weeks from today for folks to get their orders in and then the list goes to the printer. Once they are done, I'll be shipping them so I'd say you'll have your shirt by early July. If you want me to ship one internationally or need something bigger than an XL, send me a message through the "free sticker link above" and I'll get you a quote. Speaking of, all shirt orders include both the JBMFT and Chopper Checklist stickers.



  1. Paid! I bought an XL on faith. I haven't quite shrunk into an XL yet, need to shed about 10 more pounds.

    Thanks man!

  2. Yes! I will finally be one of the cool kids!

  3. Done and Paid for! Settin' on ready and waiting for someone to say..."Hey, Where did you get that Ever-so-Cool Shirt Man?"

  4. KJ-and one you shall have!

    Wes-keep it up, you get there...and thank you buddy!

    Chris-You've been a cool kid. You need to get some I.V. shirts done.

    Paul-I didn't get a payment from you...check your Paypal account, and if you need to send it again please do. If there is a problem, we'll get it resolved. Let me know if I can help.


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