Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot Sauce of the Week

Instead of a review this week, I wanted to give shout outs to a couple people who sent sauces my way recently. The folks at Beast Feast Maine got wind of my review of their Chad's Obsession sauce from my buddy Quiet Wyatt. Apparently they liked it and reached out to me to send some other sauces to try as well as a few more bottles of Chad's Obsession. I really appreciate your support and appreciate the sauces. I am looking forward to tearing into them. 
When Russ and Nate from MHT were in town for the Barber Vintage Festival they came bearing gifts of hot sauce from Detroit. It was good finally meeting these guys face to face and kicking around with them over the weekend. Thanks for the sauces boys.
Finally, my buddy Smokin' Davis (aka Davis Strangelove) informed me yesterday that he is coming tonight with a handful of homebrewed sauces and spicy surprises. So this is a preemptive thanks. I am looking forward to getting my hot sauce on tonight something proper.

There are others not listed above who have sent sauces before and you know who you are. I truly appreciate your friendship and that you thought about me on the trips, vacations, etc that you were on to grab something for me and send it my way. I am a lucky man in the friend department, thanks for being awesome.

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