Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Q&A, Part 6

21. What is your dream bike? Same as most guys, the clean, rad looking chopper that runs like a scalded dog and never breaks down. I would really like the bike from Akira too, looks like it would be fun.

22. What would your dream job be? At this point, if I could make a living off of writing and all of the social media I do...that would be pretty great. Getting paid to write about things you like and interact with people about it? SOLD!

23. If you could be your own superhero what would your name and power(s) be? I would be Captain Leisure and my powers would be to drink more beer, watch more movies, score higher at Mrs. Pacman, eat more junk food and sleep better than anyone else on the planet. Wait a minute...

24. What's one place you've been to that you could never get tired of? The stretch of coast from Gulf Shores to Pensacola. More here.

25. When is Representative Slice going to do another show? Not anytime soon, possibly never.

26. If you could take one food item you love (like a condiment... Something not meant to be eaten by itself : ex. Cottage cheese, mustard, hot sauce, or chocolate syrup) and put it in a Dixie cup and drink it, what would you choose? Chad's Obsession hot sauce is pretty freaking great. I consume so much it is almost like drinking it.

27. How do you feel your life has changed since getting married and having children? I definitely feel like I am more balanced. olivia is a great fit for me and makes me a better, relaxed, more easy going person. Not that I was every the height or seriousness or maturity but the addition of children has kept me young and less serious than I feel like I should be at this age. That and I never get out of my around the house clothes for any reason. I dress like the poster child for People of Walmart.

28. Do you have any plans for any additional tattoos? I would like to get more but at this point I don't have any plans for anything. I always struggle with getting the ink I want vs narrowing my job options. I have a friend who is covered in tattoos and still has a great, very respectable job but he has to wear long sleeve shirts and suits every day. In hot-ass Alabama, I am not sure I want to commit to that.
29. Are you happy with your life? I think all of us have things that we want or wish were different but yes I am very happy. More now than ever.

30. What do you think your life will be like in five years? Hopefully a lot like it is right now, all of us a little older and wiser. I'll be working again at who knows what and the girls will be approaching double digits. I'll likely have a different bike and car and different things but in terms of day to day, I am pretty close to where I want to be.

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