Tuesday, December 3, 2013


When I first bought my Sportster, the previous owner was running wide glide apes and the control wiring was run inside the bars. The base width created an overhang over the front end which always bothered me. I ordered some black narrow apes that were pre-drilled and dimpled so I could run the wires inside with them as well. 
Like always, I get a bit nervous about cutting the wiring harness at the quick disconnects and try and get the wires out of the connect blocks unsuccessfully. As has become my standard procedure when doing this operation, I cut the wires at the blocks and solder and crimp new pins into new blocks from an electronics store to maintain some semblance of factory operation.  

Soldering the pins on and the new blocks in white.
In addition to the new bars, I switched to a bar-end mirror on the left side and some Anderson grips. Much to the chagrin of a couple riding buddies, the hand tooled leather grips that have followed me over a couple bikes are not going back on this one. I just didn't feel like they fit the vibe I had in my head for these changes. I'm sure they will see use in the future but not on this bike.

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