Friday, December 20, 2013

Hot Sauce of the Week

Remember these guys from back in November? My buddy Davis came through with a couple home-brewed sauces and this week they got their due.

In Case of  Emergency: Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce-southern rule: it is is in a mason jar, chances are it is going to be good. The vinegar taste is strong but there is a gentle sweetness I couldn't put my finger on. The heat left a little to be desired and I wish it was thicker. It had a habit of running off of my food and an attempt at sopping didn't do the flavor any favors. The concept is good, needs a little tweaking. 

Smokin' Davis' Mark II-Davis my friend, this is where you should concentrate your efforts. Thick, hot, full of flavor...the only bummer is the size of that container. This sauce has the consistency of a puree and is a bright orange. I can't pick out the individual ingredients but you can see them and the look and consistency tell you that you are eating something fresh and real. The vinegar is a bit strong but it is very close to where I think you want it. Seriously, get me more of this ASAP.

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