Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Saddle

So you would think taking a seat off and putting a new one on would be an easy task. In most cases you would be right. As most Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners are likely to customize them, you would think the motor company would be kinder than to place a hurdle in the owner's path. In this case, it is the location of the ECM under the seat. This bike is an '08 and from what I have read, this location only lasted a few years. 
As you can see in the first photo, I trimmed the mounting points down to make it smaller and easier to conceal. Yes, those four little bits on each edge to make a difference. I also modified the plastic perch seen above. You'll need to do this if you are planning on running the stock fender as I was since (as we saw here) without it you'll have a gaping hole.
Parts of this hole (see red arrow above) would be seen running the Biltwell HB Seat if you did not trim and reinstall the plate. The ECM found a new home under the left sidecover and there is more gap between the frame but if you aren't OCD like me, you'll never notice. Small modification, wire relocation, etc are not the end of the world but for a new seat, it is more work than you want to do. 


  1. how did you relocate the ecm?

  2. It fit (barely) under the left side cover. If you look at the first picture I cut off two of the mounting points to help with fitment. Hope this helps.


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