Friday, February 28, 2014

Hot Sauce of the Week

Beast Feast Maine Scorpion Punch-Beast Feast's sauces never disappoint and I always like something different. There are tropical flavors at play here, pineapple and lime give a very distinct taste. That said, this sauce works best as the star of the show, not an addition. Think  of it as a topping for your chicken or pork, I had to use a ton to taste it on dishes that already had strong flavors. Beast Feast is great at taking you right to limits of comfortable heat and not pushing too far. I was surprised how far down the list the scorpion pepper was for the amount of heat it produced. I guess that is how you roll when you make a sauce with the hottest pepper in the world. Nutritional information unavailable.

Seriously, if you are into hot sauces and you haven't tried anything from Beast Feast yet you are missing out. I implore you to try them. One bottle will make you a believer. Get Scorpion Punch here.


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