Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tool Roll

So this was my old tool roll, a basic store bought Craftsman job that I picked up years ago. I had been hinting to my seamstress wife that I wanted her to make me a new roll out of a pair of my old jeans. Come Christmas, I was told that it was one of my presents but it was still in the works. This week I found out that it was totally worth the wait.
So I am pretty sure that all other tool rolls can suck it. Man this thing is boss! Check out that lining...and she even reinforced the stitching at the stress points. Plenty of room for all the tools I need and space for a few more if needed. By accident, she actually put in one of my old bad stitching repair jobs. A good pair of jeans will see a lot of action and this pair went with me on several great trips. I'm stoked that they will see more road time in their new role.
Thanks for the belated Christmas gift babe. This thing is beyond awesome.


  1. "So I am pretty sure that all other tool rolls can suck it." Too funny. I agree, that tool roll is awesome.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys, olivia is pretty proud.

  3. Outstanding Brother! AND Job Well Done By Your Misses for Sure. Old Jeans Never Stop Being Useful and like you said your's will continue to Travel on with you for some time in the Future. Great Idea...

  4. Thanks man, I am really stoked on it.


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