Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Parts Shelf

So the parts shelf is looking a little thin. A lot of stuff went out with the Shovel so now it is mostly Nightster take offs and mini-bike plastics. I need to unload all those old magazine back issues. I always keep them thinking I will flip back through them at some point but really they are just collecting dust. Maybe waiting for the last of winter to leave I can make some time to clean out the whole garage and get that shelf clear of garbage and in better order.


  1. Its true about the magazines. Instead of tossing them they build up into a pile thats a huge pain in the butt to deal with.

  2. And I thought I was the only one with 'issues'-My solution for my 'issues' is this, give them to my local barber. I may keep one or two otherwise I pass them on. Perhaps we should start a support group or blog? Stay warm amigos!

  3. What magazines? I have Rider, RoadRunner and motorcycle classics I can swap with you to get the rotation going. I think I have old IronHorse and a few others out in the garage too.

  4. Scott-I will probably just drop them in the recycling bin and call it done.

    Chris-I will keep the "chopper" mags like Dice and Show Class and I still have old issues of Garage but everything else is going out.

    Russ-Cycle World, Rider, some old American Rider, maybe some Motorcyclist and maybe a couple others. I think I am just going to pitch them...unless you want them.


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