Friday, November 1, 2013

Hot Sauce of the Week

Beast Feast Main Lobster Hot Sauce-Beast Feast Maine has done it again! Don't let the title mislead you, there isn't lobster in the sauce but it is an excellent compliment to seafood and (obviously) lobster. I took this bad boy to the beach with me and I will say that it works as promised. I talk a lot about how I like sauces that are different. Tell me how often you've seen Maine Seaweed, butter and Grains of Paradise on an ingredient list. This one starts right for seafood with a lemon taste and a buttery finish complemented with spice. With jalapeno and habanero, it is exacting but not overpowering and lingers just until the next bite. Seriously, if you live on the coast or consume a lot of seafood, get a bottle now. This stuff is great and you better believe this one is coming along to every future visit to The Fish Market. 
On another note, last week's post was right on time talking about how fortunate I was and how rad and thoughtful my friends and family are. Seriously, awesome stuff.
     As mentioned, Davis came through with a jar of what he calls "In Case of  Emergency: Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce" and a smaller Tupperware container full of Smokin' Davis' Mark II. He also included some excellent salsa that didn't survive to be photographed. These sauces are going to wait until next month. Why you ask? Stay tuned!
     My wife went away for a couple days for a conference and came home bearing the two little sample sauces. She's pretty awesome.
     And last but far from least, Pooter Girl came through with a grip of goodies that included some Way Better Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips and a new hot sauce for yours truly. The chips did not survive for a photo but I can attest that they went great with the aforementioned salsa. You rock Pooter, many thanks.

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