Friday, September 13, 2013

Hot Sauce-The Empties

The hot sauce shelf in the kitchen is getting full so it is time to put some of the (almost) empty bottles out to pasture. Here's a rundown of the ones that are going and whether or not they will return.

Mad Dog Teriyaki-I would like more of this.
Cheech Mojo Mango-novel sure but no.
Tabasco Soy- again, novel but not enough to necessitate getting more.
La Costena Jalapeno-not bad but unnecessary.
Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce with Tequila- yes, I need a big bottle of this one.
Pickapeppa Hot Pepper Sauce -hard to find, want it.
Sriracha- are you kidding? A staple.
Spice Exchange Habanero Hot Sauce- yes, this one too...need more.
Blair's Original Death-I like it but Blair's has sauces I like better.
Panola-more please, one of the best Louisiana sauces.
Louisiana Japapeno-Blair's does it much better.
Hell Fire-very unique, must have more. Chocolate in a hot sauce? Sold!
Tiger Sauce-probably my favorite, not-seriously-hot "hot" sauce. 
Cholula Chili Garlic-needs more heat, regular Cholula is better.
Yum Kax Sabor Ajo Limon-good sauce, needs more hot.
Chad's Obsession-my obsession. Too bad it came from Maine. If I could get it here I would advise you to buy stock in it.

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